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Hi there! Thank you for checking out this page about shipping. Please read all shipping information below. Please be sure to carefully read. By purchasing from our site, you understand and acknowledge the shipping times explained on this Shipping page. Please clarify any questions you may have about shipping times before completing check out. We cannot cancel orders once they have been sent into production and/or shipped. 

Due to custom designing, production and/or manufacturer of material locations, shipping times may vary and can range anywhere from 5 business days to 2 weeks on average once the item has shipped. Natural disasters can have an affect on production, preparing for shipment, and/or shipping carriers lead times. Please note, that Collectible Impressions will not be held responsible for extensive lead times due to natural disasters, pandemic, address issues, or other reasons that the carrier states that delayed the delivery.

For accessories, shipping times may vary and can range anywhere from 7 business days to 2 weeks, and very rarely up to 4 weeks in the case there is a back order or a customs hold that is out of our control.  

Packaging may arrive damaged from shipping by the carrier. For our suppliers spread worldwide, packaging may show import value on label which is only based on importers projected shipping cost conversion that they are required to note in order to go through customs. It is not our actual cost.

Shipping typically uses poly bags or other plastic wrapping to ship as quick as possible. Please remember to place these plastics in a plastic recycling bin to help the environment. Please do not throw into the trash.

*For multiple item orders, We will have your items shipped out as soon as they are ready to go instead of waiting until all items are gathered. This way, you can receive parts of your order as soon as possible rather than holding up the entire purchase.

To help expedite your order if needed, make sure you choose the quickest shipping time offered at check out IF available. When you see only "standard shipping" is available, then there is no other option available. We will do our best to get orders out as promptly as possible. There is no guarantee on shipping times due to high demand and/or manufacturing times of products and its availability. Rest assured, we will be overseeing your shipping progress and can help address any concerns with the shipping carrier if one arises.

Please note, once the entire order states it was delivered, the order will be marked complete and considered closed. So make sure you ship to an address that you or someone can receive your package. We will not be held responsible for shipping carriers leaving your package at your residence even if no one is home to receive it. Those concerns will be your responsibility to address with the carrier directly. Again, to avoid potential risk of a package getting lost or stolen, make sure you supply a reliable and attended shipping address as we will not be held responsible. You may contact us at any time to address any concerns or questions.

For any shipment issues, please email us stating your concern and be sure to include your order number, full name, and email address used at time of purchase along with a description of the items you ordered along with the total cost of your order. **Please make sure to input all of this information in your message or you may not receive a prompt response. This is solely for verification purposes to screen out fraudulent contact, fake claims, and/or spam. 

As much as we source from U.S. suppliers and manufacturers to help fuel local jobs, a handful of our products/materials may be imported from China at times due to the high demand for the product, but lack of availability and/or reasonable costs in the U.S. 

 We are a small company looking to support local business and jobs for as long as we can to serve our community and help our economy. We work hard on keeping the delivery times and do our best to make sure your order is shipped as timely as possible.

Mahalo for your support!