Our Love For Bobo

With a very heavy heart, we'd like to take this moment to share with you our deepest sorrow, losing our family bulldog, Bobo, June 2018. We are sharing this with you because he was our inspiration and a very big role in designing our Bulldog Designs into our store. He would lay down playing and resting up against our feet while we sat at the family table, creating graphic designs of him. He was with us each and every moment we spent building this site and patiently waited for us to finish for the day to spend more individualized time with him.

After months of designing, creating, ordering, testing products and customizing apparel, we were one day away from being finished up when he passed away. We were at work, about to launch our site for grand opening to the public. It was very unexpected and no words can describe the depth of pain we are going through. We are struggling to get through each hour, each day, one step at a time. In feeling lost to continue with our store, we discussed it would be honorable for Bobo to proceed with it. This way it can give us hope to help spread his love and memories out there for others to see and share by wearing his portrait and bulldog designs. We feel this is a nice way to help represent him since he sacrificed his time as well in building our store. He was so very much loved and treated like a royal king. He had his own custom built house with solar lanterns, a toddler bed as his own couch to watch movies on with his family, and even a baby swing as his rocker that we taught him how to turn on and climb into since he was 2 months old. Oh he loved it all so much!... He was definitely one of a kind out of all bulldogs and truly spoiled by his family from the warmest kisses, to the softest chest rubs, to the best quality diet, to the best bathing supplies, home grooming care, and more...he had it all. He really stood out in crowds and was admired for the sweet and loving gentleman he was. There wasn't a single place we could go with him without people stopping us to admire and pet him. We taught him the treat of each time he went out with us, he would get his very own cup of Starbucks ice water. He looked forward to that treat each and every time.  We wish for the miracle to turn back time so we can still have him with us. 

We sincerely thank each and every one of you in advance for purchasing any of our Bulldog Designs as we will take it to heart in support of him. Meanwhile, we will be working on a creative way to apply the proceeds in honor of him...

Please visit "Bobo's Bulldog Designs" page to browse his designs if you're interested.

From our family to yours, thank you for your support.   

Bobo blowing kisses in the shape of a heart...Rest in peace, "our little man."     July 2017 - June 2018