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Care of Apparel

Recommended care for our apparel:

Due to the process of directly printing ink onto the fabric, setting it, and then packaging it, we recommend that all apparel be pre-washed before wearing. 

To help lengthen the life of the print, we recommend simply turning the apparel inside out except for the jackets, hoodies, and leggings, prior to washing and only tumble dry on low setting. Just like with any clothing, if you mix delicate soft clothing with non-delicate (like jeans for example), chances are, a zipper might snag or tear other articles of clothing. We do our best to source soft comfortable apparel, so please treat it with care to extend the quality of the print and the apparel itself.

We do not recommend high heat drying of apparel as this can cause potential shrinking of size, fading, damage to the fabric, and/or cracking of the print over time.

Due to the apparel being freshly printed and packaged, it is normal for the freshly printed on apparel to have a vinegar-like scent to it. It will air out and will dissipate with a gentle wash before wearing.

We encourage you to tie a simple cross knot in the drawstrings of all hoodies and or jackets BEFORE washing them. This way, it will prevent the drawstring from getting pulled into the hood of the jacket during the wash or dry cycle.

Some of the apparel like hoodies and zip-up jackets, and sweaters release lint. Making sure to wash on a gentle cycle and air drying can help keep this to a minimum.

Last but not least, ALL apparel is custom printed. There will be some imperfections at times that will be inevitable as much as we strive to deliver great prints. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We rather you ask when in doubt.