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Print Technique

Thank you for stopping by to read this page to learn more about the technique used on our apparel we have to offer!

To help explain in simple terms, DTG (Direct-To-Garment) printing allows the printing process to recognize the full style of graphics in a design as you see it to the naked eye. The technique allows the image to print in a more computerized imaging process allowing the multiple blends of colors and styles to print as seen. Think of it is basically reading the graphic as an image and duplicating it as designed, but using RGB color code range. With this, the color tones may appear a darker shade in print than what it looks like on computer screen in which we design while keeping this in mind. 

Currently, we do not utilize screen printing technique for our apparel. This is because even though screen printing can be longer lasting in the long haul, it definitely has its limits and is more labor intensive which in turn, is more time consuming. Screen printing is done by making a screen in the shape of each color/layer of the graphic and pressing it down on the shirt individually one after the other. Due to the screen making for each part of the graphic's color layer, it's not exactly the most efficient way to offer a range of flexibility in your quantity of orders placed. You will usually find that most screen printers, have a set up fee for making the screens and a minimum quantity required before accepting your order to make it worth their time which can be quite costly.

With all of this, you can see how it is more efficient for us to better serve you by using DTG printing technique.